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We’ve launched hundreds of successful media and marketing campaigns targeting the Latino market for Fortune 500 companies, direct response industry leaders and entrepreneurs alike. Omni Direct leverages real-time response and sales data with current market trends and expert know-how to deliver on increased returns for your marketing dollars.
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Welcome To Our Company

Established since 1999, Omni Direct is the leading full service direct response company specializing in Hispanic and direct response marketing. With the experience of launching hundreds of successful DR campaigns to the Hispanic market for Fortune 500 companies, DR industry leaders and entrepreneurs alike, Omni Direct uses a best practices approach to campaign set-up, launch and management. Offering services from strategic planning, creative production, and media planning, to managing call center operations, fulfillment and customer service; Omni Direct’s focus is on delivering measurable and sustainable return on investment. The company prides itself on the quality campaigns, relationships, results, and reputation it has garnered in the industry.


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About Us

icon_oneHow We Work

Our success is based on our client’s success. Our goal is to help you deliver the most effective campaigns with the highest ROIs while ensuring that your company’s reputation and brands are well represented and protected. We’re committed. Meaning that we will proactively recommend and deliver on the finest creative, promotional, media and back-end strategies that are in the best interest of our clients and their objectives.

icon_twoWhat Our Clients Say

“Omni Direct has helped us more fully understand and tap into the US Hispanic market. They have brought new ideas and turn-key solutions to us in the areas of creative production, media, web and retail analytics. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”
- Ann Marie Mullen, Vice President, Marketing at Idea Village


icon_threeOur Executive Team

With over 50 years of combined experience in direct response, branding and marketing, Alex Agurcia, Founder and President and Denira Borrero, COO, are personally committed to delivering sustainable return on investment for each and every one of our clients and campaigns. We operate expertly with the highest level of integrity and have an unrivaled reputation, network and track record of results to speak for it.

Our Team

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Our Services

Media Planning, Buying & Analytics

We identify and place the right networks, test markets and time slots that optimize response rates depending on your target audience. We also provide regular and customized media reports and analytics so that we can quickly evaluate media ROI and adjust immediately for ROI optimization.

Campaign Set-Up & Management

We manage all aspects of a Hispanic DR campaign from initial marketing planning & strategy to creative production, website set up, media buying, telemarketing, fulfillment and Latin American Distribution.

Creative Production

We provide original, in-house creative production using creative concepts and Latino talents that resonate most with this segment and are aligned with the key messages and strategy of the campaign.

Marketing Services

We provide assistance with all aspects of the marketing mix that will maximize the results of your direct response launch.


Social Media

We create original, in-language content as well as manage all social media outlets. We execute social media platform advertising and provide weekly reports on a cost-per-reach or cost-per-click basis.

Vendor Management

We have a network of call centers based in the US and throughout Spanish speaking countries with whom we have worked directly. Fulfillment center outsourcing. We provide assistance in identifying and qualifying the fulfillment center that meets our clients’ distribution and service level objectives.


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http://omnidirect.tv/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Kingstar-Testimonial.jpg http://omnidirect.tv/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Kingstar-Testimonial.jpg




Some of Our Clients

Campaign Samples



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