U.S. Hispanic Media Drives Total Digital Sales

The size, influence, and spending power of the Latino population in the United States offers an undeniable source of growth for many product and service categories. The question for marketers has changed from, “Should I invest in this segment?” to “How can I reach these consumers effectively and how can I accurately measure the ROI impact of these efforts?”

What Does the Data Show?

From our own client-sponsored case studies, we have seen Spanish-language DRTV campaigns drive up to seven times more web orders through a product’s English landing page vs. the Spanish landing page.

Highlighting the unique aspects of the online purchase behavior of U.S. Hispanics, a recently published, Google-sponsored study (thinkwithgoogle.com) provided the following insights:

❯ More than half of U.S. Hispanics said they use English most or all of the time when online.

❯ Nearly 80 percent of respondents say they use search engines as their No. 1 online source for gathering information about a purchase.

❯ 94 percent of U.S. Hispanics surveyed said they feel comfortable consuming English content online for sharing, shopping, or researching a product.

❯ When an ad includes aspects of Hispanic culture and language, 88 percent pay attention to that ad and 41 percent feel more favorable about the brand.

What a Marketer Needs to Know

In order to maximize the impact of a U.S. Hispanic marketing investment, especially in digital sales, key elements must be considered in both the planning and measurement phases of a campaign.

❯ In-language and in-culture advertising content is a key driver to purchase, whether from English or Spanish-language sites. This also includes any online retargeting efforts and social media content.

❯ Search engine marketing and other online content should include bilingual terms garnered from your Spanish ad content.

❯ ROI assessments of a U.S. Hispanic campaign and its media must consider the total digital sales impact beyond what is transacted on just the Spanish landing page.

So what have we learned?

Even though a majority of U.S. Hispanics may consume content online in English, Spanish-language and in-culture advertising is still extremely important in influencing purchase. The key difference between English and Spanish for U.S. Hispanics when consuming media is understanding vs. connecting with a brand.

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